AIRDOCK® Constructor™ Series

AIRDOCK® Constructor Series Leveler in raised position

Fixed Rear Hinge With Solid Steel Supports and Full Width Rod

AUTO-DESCENT Y-LIP™ Fully Yieldable Extension

Optional integrated AR-10K Vehicle Restraint

An Air Powered Dock Leveler Designed for the Construction Industry with Patented ‘Next Generation Air’™ Technology

NORDOCK® advances loading dock efficiency with patented Next Generation Air™ technology that is truly revolutionary. AIRDOCK® Constructor™ Series of Dock Levelers are easy to install, operated by push button, and come with unmatched strength, standard features and comprehensive warranties that set a higher standard of excellence.

Protected Single-Chamber Balanced Air Bag Design

The reinforced PVC coated Single Chamber Balanced Air Bag is protected over 99% of the time from environmental contamination. The Single-Chamber balanced design reduces material, redundant air chambers and unwanted seams which eliminates friction.

Pull Action™ Lifting System

The patented Pull-Action™ lifting system maximizes efficiency by using the entire power of the bag to lift the deck. Increased efficiency means less bags, seams, travel and cycle time resulting in long term improved performance. The compact and open design allows for easy inspection of all working components including the deck that saves time and improves safety.

Auto Descent Y-Lip™ Fully Yieldable Extension

The Auto-Descent Y-Lip™ fully yieldable extension system uses the natural weight of the deck to activate the lip, unlike higher maintenance flip lip designs that compromise available lifting power.

Easy to Install

The AIRDOCK® Constructor™ Series Dock Leveler is a self-contained system with the airbag safely stored away from forklift contact. The leveler is lifted from the deck through rear pockets for easy forklift handling. The no damage shipping design keeps the fan motor and lift system entirely safe during forklift handling.


NORDOCK® guarantees that the Constructor™ Series of Air-Powered Dock Levelers will perform as described and to the full satisfaction of the purchaser for one-year from date of receipt or Nordock will repair, replace or remove the product and refund the purchase price. In addition, the front and rear hinge assemblies are guaranteed, under specified guidelines, for a period of Twenty-Years, and the deck lip and frame for Ten-Years.

The lifting assembly including bag, fan motor, housing and all fittings are guaranteed for Five-Years.

Air-Stop™ Deck Control

With this unique option the dock operator has the ability to arrest the descent of the deck with a push of a button to avoid an obstruction or for safety and convenience in positioning the maintenance supports.




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