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NVTL Vertical Storing TELESCOPING-LIP™ Dock Leveler

Removable pit seal protector for easy maintenance access and clean-up

NVTL with LOGI-SMART™ Integrated Control Panel

NVTL - Vertical Storing TELESCOPING-LIP™ Dock Leveler

Introducing the evolution of loading dock climate control, and the ultimate end load solution.

The COLDSTORAGE™ Series of vertical and horizontal dock levelers are ideal for facilities that require strict climate control or where security is of primary concern. Designed to store behind a loading docks insulated doors, the COLDSTORAGE™ Series of dock levelers allow the overhead dock doors to fully close down to the pit floor, creating an optimum seal for effective environmental control, cleanliness and warehouse security.

For the first time ever, a vertical storing dock leveler no longer uses a rotating lip. The NVTL vertical storing dock leveler with patent pending TELESCOPING-LIP™ eliminates time-consuming issues with end loads, forever. Traditional rotating-lips extend outwards as the leveler is deployed, risking damage to loads positioned to close to the rear of the trailer. The NVTL's telescoping function allows precise lip extension control for infinite access to end loads, completely avoiding any and all damage to cargo.

BUMPER-TO-BUMPER™ barrier - the first true pit seal.

Accessing end loads with a rotating-lip regularly involves dropping the lip beyond its lip keepers, causing potential damage to an existing vehicle restraint and/or dock seal. By removing the front hinge and rotating-lip, the telescoping NVTL avoids all interference with the vehicle restraint and allows NORDOCK® to effectively seal the 4th side of the dock pit with the exclusive BUMPER-TO-BUMPER™ barrier, creating the first true pit seal.

Reliable, functional with unparalleled performance, the COLDSTORAGE™ Series NVTL comes in load capacities of 30,000, 40,000 or 50,000 lbs., deck sizes of 7'x6' and 7'x8' and a standard lip projection of 15" beyond a 4" bumper.

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