TELESCOPING-LIP™ – Horizontal Storing Dock Leveler view video


TELESCOPING-LIP™ leveler stores flush with dock floor

Improves sightlines, floor space and maneuvering

Raises vertically for easy clean-out and safe maintenance access

Available TRUCK-LOCK® vehicle restraint system

TELESCOPING-LIP™ – Horizontal Storing
Dock Leveler

A fast and efficient alternative to
vertical storing dock levelers.

The COLDSTORAGE™ Series of vertical and horizontal dock levelers are ideal for facilities that require strict climate control or where security is of primary concern. Designed to store behind a loading docks insulated doors, the COLDSTORAGE™ Series of dock levelers allow the overhead dock doors to fully close down to the pit floor, creating an optimum seal for effective environmental control, cleanliness and warehouse security.

A quick and efficient alternative to vertical storing dock levelers the TLH stores horizontally for fast operation, extending its lip straight into the trailer with only a slight raise of the deck, reducing loading cycle times and improving climate control. The TLH provides infinite end load access with precise lip control, safely bridging the gap between deck and trailer bed for forklift access and avoiding potential damage to cargo and/or forklift.

Improve sightlines, increase floor space
and save money.

The TLH horizontal storing TELESCOPING-LIP™ dock leveler stores flush to the dock floor, improving driver sight lines and creating a clear open space for cross traffic operation and reduces installation costs by eliminating the need for guardrails, burying conduits, bollards and stanchions.

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