New NORDOCK Ergonomic Dock Leveler provides the smoothest transition between the truck bed and the building dock floor

The NORDOCK FLEX-LIP™ dock leveler is designed to provide substantial lifetime cost of ownership savings by reducing equipment maintenance, injury to personnel and fragile goods damage while increasing safety and productivity.

The innovative FLEX-LIP™ reduces the risk of grounding low clearance pallet trucks and loads… and reduces excessive forklift wear and tear. Injury to personnel, caused by whole body vibration, is significantly reduced, saving on injury claims and employee absence.

All dock levelers need a crown angle that allows the lip to sit flat on the trailer bed above the floor without the leading edge of the lip hanging up above the trailer floor and tearing up forklift tires. The greater the fixed crown angle, the wider range of trailer bed heights that can be serviced by the dock leveler.

Conventional fixed crown dock levelers require the lip to be horizontal for the highest trailer bed to avoid hang up. Unfortunately this creates an inefficient and costly impact angle as forklifts service below this height. When the trailer bed is well below building floor, this crown becomes a severe hindrance as the lip grade angle increases greatly. This creates a situation that is unproductive and burdensome at best, and unusable or dangerous at the extreme. When the lip angle is too great, it can result in low clearance vehicles, such as electric pallet trucks and product impacting the lip or the trailer bed causing tip over and product damage, or worse, injury to the operator.

The NORDOCK FLEX-LIP™ Ergonomic Dock Leveler overcomes all these problems. The unique FLEX-LIP™ design combines the strongest lip hinge available with a remarkable parallelogram construction that automatically varies the crown angle to maintain the lip horizontal regardless of the trailer bed height. This is especially significant when servicing the all-important below-dock area. Here, the conventional fixed lip crown causes low clearance equipment to ground out, and creates considerable impact forces that jostle cargo, lift truck, and operator while increasing wear and tear on the leveler itself. The ability to vary the crown angle and the resultant smooth transition increases productivity by allowing faster loading and unloading, substantially reducing maintenance, product loss costs and structural fatigue of the leveler.

The FLEX-LIP™ dock leveler lip is activated by a unique patented linkage technology that is truly revolutionary. The lip extends automatically as the leveler deck descends, and maintains the lip horizontally within its entire working range, even during below dock loading operations. Once firmly positioned on to the truck bed, the horizontal lip provides the smoothest possible transition between the truck bed and the dock floor and automatically repositions with the up and down movement of the trailer bed during the loading process. With lip crown issues eliminated, even small-wheeled trucks are easy to maneuver.

The FLEX-LIP™ is available exclusively on three of NORDOCK premium model dock levelers. The model ADF low pressure air powered dock leveler, the SHF hydraulic powered and the NMF mechanical leveler. No matter your preference in activation, you will be choosing the best structure, warranties and features available. Available in capacity ratings from 25,000 to 50,000 pound capacity and nominal deck sizes of 6 feet wide x 6 feet long to 7 feet wide x 10 feet long. Consult your NORDOCK representative for assistance in choosing the correct size; capacity and options to best suit your application.

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