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NORDOCK® ADF Air-Powered Dock Leveler

ADF Air-Powered dock leveler

The leveler lip provides level loading for all heights of trailers, even when below dock.

The continuous rear hinge provides a smooth transition for the loaded forklift and superior durability that is backed with a 20-YEAR guarantee

Safety Barrier-Lip Model ADFB available to prevent accidental fall off of dock.

FLEX-LIP® Series

The smoothest transition from the truck bed to the loading dock

NORDOCK® model ADF Air-Powered FLEX-LIP® dock leveler lip is designed to provide substantial cost savings on equipment maintenance, fragile goods damage and personnel injuries.

The ADF features Next Generation Air™ technology with the patented Protected Single Chamber™ balanced bag design and Pull-Action™ lift system that does not push on the underside of the deck or pit floor.

Patented Proven Technology

The patented FLEX-LIP® lip design extends automatically as the leveler deck descends and maintains the lip horizontally in all positions of the platform, even in below dock loading operations.

The risk of grounding low clearance pallet trucks and forklifts while loading and unloading is significantly reduced and excessive forklift tire wear, especially in below dock loading operations, is minimized. Personnel injury, caused by whole body vibration, is also significantly reduced, saving on injury claims and employee absence.

When the lip angle is too great, it can result in low clearance vehicles, such as electric pallet trucks impacting the lip or the trailer bed damaging equipment and impeding loading operations.
Low clearance pallet trucks can impact the crown angle, especially in below dock loading operations, resulting in damage to fragile goods and increased wear and tear on the lift truck substantially reducing maintenance, product loss costs and leveler structural fatigue.
Personnel injury cased by whole body vibration is significantly reduced saving on injury claims and employee absence.

Simple. Safe. Easy. Push button power

When the button is pressed the platform rises to its highest position, releasing the button allows the deck to descend the lip to extend into place automatically until the lip rests on the truck floor. The lip remains in its optimal horizontal position whether the truck is above or below the building floor height.

When loading/unloading is completed, pushing the button again returns the platform and lip automatically to the stored position.

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