NORDOCK® Hydraulic Dock Leveler

SUPER-DUTY™ Series Leveler

Continuous rear hinge with seven solid steel frame supports

NORDOCK® exclusive lip lug and header plate

Optional integrated control system

Available TRUCK-LOCK® safety system


The ultimate heavy duty dock leveler

The SUPER-DUTY™ Series Hydraulic Dock Levelers are the ultimate in strength, convenience and reliability with full hydraulic powered deck and lip functions controlled by a single push button. Available in 60 to 150,000 lb. capacities. Standard features include full operating range telescoping side guards, fall protection velocity fuse and a comprehensive warranty.

Hydraulic power for smooth easy operation

The power unit is a frame mounted integral assembly, fully tested and oil filled. The motor is a totally enclosed non-ventilated type available in all voltages. The hydraulic cylinders are a heavy-duty regenerative design with polished chrome rods, guide bearings and high-pressure seals. Dual lift cylinders are standard on 80,000 lb. plus capacities.

Push button control

The operator presses the control button until the deck is raised and the lip is fully extended. Releasing the button allows the lip to lower onto the truck bed. The operator stores the leveler by pressing the control button until the lip fully retracts.


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