NORDOCK Safety Barrier Gate


Sizes and Dimensions

Standard clear openings from 7' wide x 8' high to 10 'wide x 10' high in 1 foot increments. Consult factory for custom sizes or applications.


The FALL-STOP™ Series Safety Barrier Gates improves safety with strength, convenience and reliability. The lowered gate prevents forklift trucks from passing through an opening where a dangerous drop may occur.

When used at a loading dock it further prevents door track and panel damage caused by forklifts and pallet handling. The ASG Model is a premium-powered unit with push button controls and electric drive. The MSG model is an affordable alternative that is positioned manually.

A counter balance system provides a smooth, safe and easy operation. Energy absorbing bumpers protect gate, truck and building from damaging impact forces.


The structural column assembly is a robust design constructed from a wide flange beam welded to a 1/2" gusseted footplate. The barrier beam is a welded structural assembly that surrounds the upright columns and travels in a straight vertical direction. Cellular bumpers attached to the barrier beam, isolate the beam from the column providing an energy-absorbing cushion during impact. A maintenance free counter balance weight is enclosed within the upright column with an access cover for ease of installation. The entire structure is painted high visibility yellow with black and yellow warning labels across barrier beam. The ASG electric model has a power requirement of 1/2 HP 115 volt, single phase.


The barrier is stored thirty inches above floor level preventing forklift passage and protecting the door. The lowered barrier is designed to withstand an impact force of over 10,000 pounds moving at four miles per hour. When required, the forklift operator raises the gate either by push button or manually, depending on model. Available integration systems can detect and prevent unsafe conditions by removing power to controls and/or sounding an alarm. When passage is no longer required the operator lowers the gate.


The NORDOCK Safety Barrier Gate is mounted to the building floor by means of galvanized concrete wedge anchors. The operator, limits, push button and optional components are installed in accordance to instructions contained in the installation and owners manual.

System Integration

Various equipment integration systems are available to provide a safe sequence of operations. The barrier gate, door, dock leveler, vehicle restraint and communication lights can all be integrated to ensure an optimum safety system.


NORDOCK guarantees that the FALL-STOP™ Series Safety Barrier Gates will perform as described and to the full satisfaction of the purchaser for one-year from date of receipt.

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