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The SMART-HOOK™ AR-10K is a premium automatic vehicle restraint designed to secure trucks at the loading dock by using a large rotating hook to engage and secure a trailer's rear impact guard (RIG).

The AR-10K offers trouble free operation and long-term reliability with 32,000 lbs. of restraining force, and increases loading dock safety with its exclusive POWER-SAFE™ battery reserve system.

Able to supply power to the vehicle restraint in the event of a power outage, the auto-recharging POWER-SAFE™ battery grants full operational restraint functions with safety communication lights for up to 24 hours, keeping truck drivers and dock attendants safe, in control and on schedule.

The low profile housing automatically adjusts to various trailer heights and movement and lowers to 9" above grade, avoiding potential damage from low rear impact guards. The restraint is stored above ground level, keeping free of snow, ice and debris.


As the driver backs the truck into the loading dock, the trailer's rear impact guard (RIG) makes contact with the restraint housing, automatically positioning the housing under and firmly against the RIG.

With the truck in position, the driver sets the brakes and chocks the wheels. The dock attendant pushes the lock button, activating and positioning the large rotating hook in front of the RIG, safely securing the trailer to the loading dock.

During loading/unloading, the housing automatically adjusts to the trailer's movement while the hook positioning sensor monitors the hook and provides constant upward biased pressure against the RIG, preventing hazards such as trailer creep, early departure and/or tip over.

Once the loading cycle is complete, the dock attendant stores the hook by pressing the release button; inside and outside lights then signal the driver and dock attendant when it is safe for the truck to leave.


High-visibility red and green inside and outside LED lights with operator instructions on inside control panel cover and outside mounted sign with clear, large, forward and reverse lettering for drivers.

If power is lost, the inside and outside lights flash to indicate a power loss condition that is maintained until power is restored. An audible alarm and inside red light warns dock attendant when no rear impact guard has been detected.


The enclosed housing design is a structural welded assembly constructed of 5/16" reinforced steel, and built to withstand the repeated impact of backing trailers. The housing also serves to protect components from inclement weather, dirt, and debris.

The large rotating hook is constructed of 1 1/4" thick steel and is attached to the housing using a superior 1 1/4" diameter shaft.

Zinc plated components include mounting plate, track, hook, housing, and brackets. The housing also comes with black and yellow caution markings for improved visibility.

Waterproof hook position sensor for trouble free non-mechanical hook monitoring.

Patented drive system consists of a direct-coupled high torque DC motor and high efficiency helical gears. Control panel includes a NEMA 12 rated dust tight enclosure with push button controls and LED communication lights on the cover. The power requirement is 120 volts, single phase and 2 amperes.


The vehicle restraint is mounted to the dock face with concrete wall anchors (included) and then welded onto the pit curb angle. Alternatively, the vehicle restraint can be welded onto a dock face embedded steel plate. Total mounting force is in excess of 100,000 pounds.

Signs, control panel and optional components are installed in accordance with instructions contained within the installation and owners manual


One-Year parts and labor, Five-Year structural warranty from date of shipment.

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