NORDOCK TRUCK-LOCK® Manual Vehicle Restraint


Vehicle Restraint System


The TRUCK-LOCK® Series of vehicle restraints improves safety with strength, convenience and reliability. The TRUCK-LOCK® Series is an affordable manually operated unit designed to secure a truck at the loading dock by engaging the rear impact guard with a large barrier.

The housing/barrier combination is stored down and clear of incoming trucks while protecting working parts from weather and debris.

A barrier mounted sensor provides positive communication that the rear impact guard is engaged. The spring-loaded barrier automatically adjusts to various truck heights and maintains position during loading. The operator easily activates and stores the barrier manually with a control bar.

The low profile barrier stores at only 9" high and raises to 30" to restrain all types of trucks.


Enclosed barrier and housing design is a structural welded assembly constructed with dual reinforced 1/2" steel restraining arms and a 1/4" steel enclosure panel.

The housing protects components from the affects of weather, dirt and debris.

Dual 1/2" steel reinforced vertical track is welded securely to a 3/8" thick wall mounting plate.

All structural components including the mounting plate, track, barrier, and lift arms are zinc plated for high corrosion resistance.

The barrier is provided with black and yellow warning labels. The control panel includes solid state controls in a NEMA 12 enclosure with alarm, operating instructions and communication lights on the cover.

Power requirement is 120 VAC, 1/2 amp.


The trailer is backed into position at the loading dock until contact is made with the dock bumpers. The driver then sets the brakes and chocks the wheels. The dock attendant using the control bar activates the barrier that rises in a vertical track until contacting the rear impact guard, securing the trailer to the loading dock.

The barrier provides a restraining force in excess of 32,000 lbs adjusting automatically to "trailer float" during loading and unloading ensuring trailer is fully restrained at all times.

The restraint monitors for abnormal conditions and will sound an alarm if the rear impact guard is not detected. Pushing the override button will silence the alarm and provide a caution signal inside. When loading/unloading is completed attendant stores the barrier using the supplied control bar.


Every NORDOCK TRUCK-LOCK® Series vehicle restraint is factory assembled and tested. The restraint is mounted to the dock face by means of concrete wedge anchors and welding to the pit curb angle.

An alternate method is to weld the restraint to a dock face embedded steel plate.

Total mounting force is in excess of 100,000 lbs.


Safety equipment includes flashing red or green inside and outside lights (on some models) with operating instructions for the dock attendant, and an outside mounted sign with instructions for drivers.


One Year parts and labor warranty & Five Year structural warranty from date of shipment.

Warranties subject to limitations on liability.

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