A Foam Sided Shelter with Superior Sealing Capability
Superior sealing capability Optional Terminator™ Gap Seal automatically closes the opening left by the swing out trailer doors Optional Tough-Split™ head curtain wear pleats


The FOAMFRAME™ Series Dock Shelter features memory core foam sides that eliminate damage due to off center loading.
The vertical curtains, with stiffeners, provide a maximum weathertight seal, a safer dock environment and unrestricted access to the trailer.
The head curtain contains stiffeners, protective corner reinforcement pleats and wind retention straps.
Standard bottom corner pads reduce energy loss between the curtain and the side members.
The rigid head frame is sloped for water drainage and topped with a translucent cover to allow in natural light.

FF FOAMFRAME™ Series Dock Shelter Features

  • Polyurethane foam side frames with double stitched vertical curtains containing fiberglass stiffeners provide a maximum weather-tight seal
  • 99% memory foam core for extended life
  • Multiple fabric options, including high tear abrasion fabrics like WEARTOUGH® WT-90
  • Double stitched seams with high strength thread
  • Pressure treated superior grade lumber backing with galvanized steel mounting hardware
  • Raked header with translucent fiberglass allows for water drainage & natural light
  • 18” pad projection with 24” & 30” options
  • 36” head curtain contains fabric stiffeners, protective corner reinforcement pleats,Velcro splits and wind retention straps
  • Bottom draft pads seal opening

FF FOAMFRAME™ Series Dock Shelter Options

  • TOUGH-SPLIT™ head curtain
  • TERMINATOR™ trailer door gap seal
  • Galvanized steel framing for header and side frame backing
  • Reinforced edge on vertical panels
  • Tapered side for incline/decline approach
  • Higher, wider & increased projection units
  • Longer head curtains
  • 40 oz. Vinyl or WT-90 fabrics

FF FOAMFRAME™ Series Dock Shelter Accessories

  •  Dock levelers
  • TRUCK-LOCK® vehicle restraint
  • FALL-STOP™ barrier gate
  • Loading dock lights
  • Steel spring, steel face, laminated and molded bumpers
  • Galvanized steel canopies
  • Wheel chocks

Short Form Specs

WEARTOUGH® Fabric Performance Specifications