WEARTOUGH® FOAMFRAME™ FFI-750 Inflatable Dock Shelter

NORDOCK® FFI-750 Series Dock Shelter, the ultimate dock shelter for efficiency and personnel protection
Includes an inflatable head curtain for an improved trailer top seal Optional Terminator™ Gap Seal automatically closes the opening left by the swing out trailer doors


The FFI-750 Series of foam side inflatable header dock shelters provide the ultimate protection for personnel and cargo while loading and off loading trailers.
The inflated head seal pushes tight against the top of the trailer and the vertical curtains push on the sides of the trailer to help keep out inclement weather, dust and insects creating a more productive and safer environment while saving energy costs and increasing security. 
Once the trailer is positioned against the bumpers for loading, the operator switches the control button to start the blower that in turn inflates the header bag assembly creating a tight seal while allowing clear access into the trailer.
The blower runs continuous as long as the loading or off loading is being carried out.
When loading is complete, the operator turns off the switch and the header bag automatically retracts away from the trailer.
The FFI-750 improves safety & productivity while reducing costs by providing protection from Inclement weather, dirt & insects while saving energy.

FFI-750 Dock Shelter Features

  • High-tear abrasion resistant vinyl header bag fabric with double lock stitching
  • Unique retraction system quickly deflates & returns unit to stored position
  • On/Off switch with pilot light
  • Galvanized mounting hardware
  • Motor/blower mounted in header
  • Kiln-dried pressure treated superior grade backing & head frame lumber
  • 99% memory foam core side frame prevents damage from off-center trailers
  • Side curtains inserted with stays & foam bead on inside edge to conform & retain a tight seal against trailer sides
  • 24" high yellow guide stripes on bottom of pads for accurate truck positioning
  • Bottom corner draft pads
  • Most suitable for door openings up to 10’ feet wide × 10’ high 

FFI-750 Series Dock Shelter Options

  • Steel framing for header and side frame backing
  • Reinforced edge on vertical panels
  • Tapered side for incline/decline approach
  • Increased curtain drops
  • Higher, wider & increased projection units
  • 40 oz. Vinyl, WT-90 fabrics

 FFI-750 Series Dock Shelter Accessories

  • Dock levelers
  • TRUCK-LOCK® vehicle restraint
  • FALL-STOP™ barrier gate
  • Loading dock lights
  • Steel spring, steel face, laminated and molded bumpers
  • Galvanized steel canopies
  • Wheel chocks

Short Form Specs

WEARTOUGH® Fabric Performance Specifications