WEARTOUGH® FP Series Stationary Head Pad Dock Seal

Total Trailer Access with a Maximum Weathertight Seal
Optional wear pleats Optional full height guide stripes Optional tapered units for incline/decline approach


The FP Series Dock Seals provide effective protection for personnel and cargo while loading and unloading.
The memory foam core side and fixed header provides a tight seal between the trailer and the dock providing protection from inclement weather, dirt and insect infiltration.
Available for door openings up to 9' x 9'.

FP Series Dock Seal Features

  • Improves safety & productivity while reducing costs by providing protection from inclement weather, dirt & insects
  • High-tear abrasion resistant fabrics with double lock stitched seams
  • Kiln dried superior grade backing lumber
  • 99 % memory foam core for extended life
  • Fixed head pad provides maximum seal
  • Condensation drainage system
  • Full height yellow guide stripes for accurate truck positioning
  • Most suitable for door openings up to 9 feet wide x 9 feet high
  • Galvanized mounting hardware included
  • Pressure treated lumber
  • Standard 22 oz. Vinyl 

FP Series Dock Seal Options

  • Wear pleats available in 4", 6" and 8" overlap exposure
  • 40 oz. Vinyl
  • 50 oz. WT-90 fabric
  • Adjustable head curtain
  • Fire retardant foam & fabric
  • Half or full foam filled curtain
  • Wide range of shape projections, bevels and tapers
  • Double layer wear face
  • Galvanized steel canopies
  • Higher head pads
  • Tapered side for incline/decline approach

FP Series Dock Seal Accessories

  • Dock levelers
  • TRUCK-LOCK® vehicle restraint
  • FALL-STOP™ barrier gate
  • Loading dock lights
  • Steel spring, steel face, laminated and molded bumpers
  • Galvanized steel canopies
  • Wheel chocks 

Short Form Specs

WEARTOUGH® Fabric Performance Specifications