DOK-COM™ Safety System

Providing Safe and efficient two-way communication.


The NORDOCK® DOK-COM™ communication system increases safety and efficiency at the loading dock with the use of high-visibility LED lights and large easy-to-read signage for clear, synchronized two-way communication between truck driver and dock attendant.

Standard Features

  • Inside/outside Red and Green LED lights
  • Clear, Legible Signage with forward and reverse instructions
  • Sun visors on lights prevent glare
  • High-visibility yellow housing and signs
  • Durable polypropylene constructed lights
  • Low profile design reduces damage from impact
  • Easy Installation to 120V Supply

Optional Equipment

  • Door or leveler mounted photo eye sensor or limit switch for automatic light control
  • Control panel with dock leveler and door interlocks with operator load function for leveler and inside green light control
  • LOGI-SMART® integrated control panel for safe integration of communication lights, dock leveler, door and vehicle restraint with full pre-wired interlocks and optional fused disconnect

Short Form Specs