The SMART-HOOK® Series AR-9500 Model is a premium automatic unit designed to secure a truck at the loading dock by engaging the rear impact guard with a large rotating hook.
Patented Direct Drive System with Exclusive Hook Position Sensor Optional Integrated AR Control Panel  Improved LED Signal Light Large Outside Driver Sign


Featuring NORDOCK® patented Direct Drive System with exclusive Hook Position Sensor.

The SMART-HOOK® Series of automatic vehicle restraint is designed to prevent unscheduled departure, trailer creep and tip overs by using a large rotating hook to secure a trailer's rear impact guard (RIG) to the loading dock with 32,000 lbs. of restraining force and a mounting force in excess of 100,000 lbs.
The improved AR-9500 features an updated direct drive system that eliminates the use of failure prone mechanical limit switches, replacing them with an exclusive watertight Hook Position Sensor and Solid State Control System with diagnostics that tracks and monitors the rotating hooks position.
The low profile housing automatically adjusts to various trailer heights and movement and lowers to 9" above grade, avoiding potential damage from low hanging rear impact guards.
The restraint is stored above ground level to keep free of snow, ice and debris.

AR-9500 Features & Benefits

  • Large rotating hook design helps prevent unscheduled trailer departure, creep and tipover
  • Exclusive water-tight Hook Position Sensor eliminates limit switches
  • Patented direct drive system eliminates clutches, chains or brakes & provides constant upward biased hook force
  • All weather zinc plated components for superior durability
  • Easy to understand controls
  • High visibility inside & outside LED communication lights and signs
  • Automatically adjusts to trailer movement during loading keeping constant contact with rear impact guard
  • 5-Year Structural Warranty
  • Solid state control system
  • NEMA 12 panel enclosure with operator instructions on cover
  • Dock leveler interlock capable
  • Above ground storage keeps housing clear of snow, ice and debris
  • Fault sensor alerts operator if no rear impact guard is detected
  • Auto reversing hook to prevent damage from incoming trucks
  • Housing automatically positions itself to the correct height by incoming trailer
  • Rotating Hook secures the rear impact guard with over 32,000 lbs. of restraining force
  • Low-profile housing lowers to 9" off grade
  • Mounting force in excess of 100,000 lbs

AR-9500 Optional Equipment

  • Integrated LOGI-SMART® control systems
  • Cantilever extension mounting bracket
  • Cast-in wall mounting plate
  • Keyed override switch

Short Form Specs

The SMART-HOOK® Series of vehicle restraints improve safety along with strength, convenience and long term reliability.
The AR-9500 Model is a premium automatic unit designed to secure a truck at the loading dock by engaging the rear impact guard with a large rotating hook.
The housing is stored above ground, keeping it free of snow, ice and debris, and automatically adjusts to the various heights of trucks and maintains position with the rear impact guard during loading.
The operator easily activates and stores the barrier with a push of a button.
The low profile housing lowers to only 9" high to escape damage from low rear impact guards, and will secure standard trailers with 32,000 pounds of restraining force.


The trailer is backed into position at the loading dock contacting the housing of the restraint and positioning it automatically underneath the rear impact guard.
The driver sets the brakes and chocks the wheels.
The dock attendant pushes a control button, activating the hook that rotates in front of the rear impact guard until it secures the trailer to the loading dock.
The restraint monitors the position of the hook and provides constant upward biased pressure and if the rear impact guard is not detected, will store the hook for protection and sound an alarm.
Pushing an override button will silence the alarm and the lights will indicate a caution condition.
The barrier will adjust to the movement of the rear impact guard during loading and unloading ensuring that the trailer is restrained at all times.
When loading or unloading is completed the dock attendant stores the hook by pushing the release button and the truck is free to leave.
Inside and outside lights communicate all the operational modes to the truck driver as well as the dock attendant.


Safety equipment includes red or green inside and outside lights with operating instructions for the dock attendant, and outside mounted sign with forward and reverse lettering for truck driver. An audible alarm and inside red light warns the dock attendant that a rear impact guard has not been detected.


The enclosed housing design is a structural welded assembly constructed with 5/16" reinforced steel designed for the impact of backing trailers.
The housing protects components from the affects of weather, dirt and debris.
The large rotating steel hook is constructed with 1 1/4" thick steel and attached to the housing with a superior shaft of 1 1/4" diameter.
Zinc plated components include the mounting plate, track, hook, housing and brackets.
The housing has black and yellow caution markings for improved visibility.
The control panel includes a NEMA 12 rated dust tight enclosure with push button controls and communication lights on the cover.
The power requirement is 120 volts, single phase, 2 amperes.


The NORDOCK® SMART-HOOK® Model AR-9500 restraint is factory assembled and tested.
The restraint is mounted to the dock face by means of concrete wedge anchors and welding to the pit curb angle.
An alternate method is to weld the restraint to a dock face embedded steel plate.
Total mounting force is in excess of 100,000 pounds.
The signs, control panel and optional components are installed in accordance to instructions contained in the installation and owners manual.


One-Year parts and labor & Five-Year structural warranty from date of shipment. Warranties are subject to limitations on liability.