MODEL CL-7000 AUTOMATIC VEHICLE RESTRAINT. The COMBILOK™ vehicle restraint improves safety with strength, convenience and reliability.


CL-7000 Features & Benefits

  • Surface Mounted for Ease of Installation & Reliable Operation in All Environments
  • Large Chock Helps Prevent Unscheduled Departure, Trailer Creep & Tipover
  • Universal Design is Non Reliant on Rear Impact Guards & Secures Virtually Any Trailer Including Trucks With Lift Gates, Step Vans & Low Boys
  • Simple Direct Drive System Eliminates Clutches, Chains or Brakes & Provides Constant Force Against Trailer Wheels
  • Housing Acts as a Wheel Guide For Proper Trailer Positioning
  • Chock Mounted Sensor Seeks The Rear Most Wheel Then Automatically Extends to Secure Trailer
  • Provides Superior Security From Trailer Theft With No Outside Release Mechanism  
  • Corrosion Resistant Zinc Protected Components
  • Simple, Easy to Understand Controls With Inside & Outside Communication Lights & Signs
  • Maintenance Free Design With Available Environmentally Friendly Bio-Degradable Fluid

Short Form Specs


The COMBILOK™ vehicle restraint improves safety with strength, convenience and reliability.
The CL-7000 Model is a premium automatic unit designed to secure a trailer at the loading dock by engaging the wheel with a large steel chock.
The chock is stored above grade with an integral sensor that when deployed will seek out the rear wheel and automatically provide a secure hold on the trailer preventing forward motion, known as trailer creep, or an unscheduled departure.
Simple controls and clear instructions and signal lights make it easy for the operator to position and release the vehicle restraint.
Outside signal lights and signage communicate to the truck driver when it is safe to approach and leave the loading dock.
The above ground assembly acts as a guide for proper positioning of the incoming trailer.


The trailer is backed into position at the loading dock until contacting the dock bumpers and the driver sets the brakes.
The dock attendant pushes a control button, automatically changing the outside light to red and activating the chock.
The chock automatically seeks out the rear wheel, securing the trailer to the loading dock.
The restraint control system monitors the position of the chock and provides an inside green light only when the trailer is properly secured.
When loading or unloading is completed the dock attendant stores the chock by pushing the release button and the truck is free to leave.
At all times, the inside and outside lights indicate the operational mode communication to the truck driver and dock attendant.


The steel tubular guide and chock assemblies are designed for the severe outside environment and forces exerted by the trailer.
The housing and guide system is a welded assembly that attaches to the dock apron with concrete anchors.
The entire outside components are zinc protected for corrosion resistance for long life.
The drive system includes a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder driven by a remote mounted motor pump fed with double braided high-pressure hoses.
The reservoir comes oil filled with low temperature and/or biodegradable oil for use in all environments.
The control panel includes a NEMA rated dust tight enclosure with push button controls, operator instructions and communication lights on the cover.


The NORDOCK COMBILOK™ Model CL-7000 vehicle restraint is factory assembled and tested.
The restraint is mounted on a poured concrete driveway surface with anchor bolts.
The signs, control panel and optional components are installed in accordance to instructions contained in the installation and owners manual.


One-Year parts and labor warranty from date of substantial completion of the installation.
All warranties are subject to standard limitations on liability.


Integrated LOGI-SMART® Control Systems
Biodegradable Fluid
Heat Trace Kit
LED Lights
Keyed Override Switch