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A Shelter Fit for Pigs: How Flatley Docks Created a Safer Space for Pork Producers

The 10th largest pork producer in the United States came to Flatley Dock Systems to solve their unique challenge. With seven operations, maintaining the health and wellbeing of thousands of pigs is integral to the success of pork production. Furthermore, the pig’s safety during transit is of concern.

Flatley Dock factors into the equation

Each day, trucks and trailers transport thousands of pigs across the US. At the client’s loading dock is a livestock shoot. This shoot is thin and narrow, allowing the pigs to be loaded and unloaded into the trailer, in a controlled manner. However, without a proper seal, pigs are at risk. The company expressed the following concerns:

  • Gapping between the trailer and the shoot could cause catastrophic injuries to staff and pigs
  • Climate irregularities could cause ice to accrue on the shoot causing dangerous (un)loading conditions for staff and animals
  • Customization concerns could hinder easy (un)loading or interfere with the trailer’s connectivity to the dock/shoot

A noteworthy solution

The team at Flatley Dock offered a custom solution to fit the client’s needs. An FP Seal with extra wear pleats and heavier grade WEAR TOUGH fabric was the perfect product.

Customization: the seal is less than half the size of a dock door, conforming to the use of only one trailer door. As mentioned, the shoot door and size corals the pigs during the (un)loading process.

Structure: the foam pad header and side cushions embrace the trailer at impact and aid in offering a 360-degree seal. This feature allows staff to control the temperature within the shoot minimizing the chance for freezing weather to harm the animals. Further, it seals the gap between the shoot and trailer omitting any spaces for the pigs to get trapped or tangled up.

Durability: The Wear Tough fabric comes in at 50 oz for the wear pleats and 40 oz for seal covering. A traditional weight consists of 20 oz wear pleats and covering material. This extra weight will lengthen the life of the seal and stand up to the rugged farming conditions.


Our client appreciates the product we delivered. Their pigs have tested the seal and reported back with squealing praise. If you ever need a custom seal and need a company to think outside the box (or pig pen), contact us for a consultation. We are more than ready to help!


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