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Keeping a Controlled Environment

PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES AND PRODUCTS FROM THE ADVERSE EFFECTS OF AN UNCONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT AT THE LOADING DOCK When designing an industrial facility, architects and specifiers must prioritize creating strong, secure and efficient work environments. Implementing environmental controls will take your facility to the next level – and Integrated Warehouse Solutions has all the products you need to do it. One common challenge is maintaining temperature with cold storage at the

How Nordock Products Improve the Employee Experience

It is widely known that forklifts are some of the most dangerous pieces of warehouse equipment. The dangers extend beyond the forklift crashing into inventory or into people. For forklift operators, the repeated drive over the typical dock leveler “crown” results in a whole body vibration, which can cause chronic back pain and other injury. Personnel injuries lead to injury claims and employee absence. Model SHF HYDRAULIC FLEX LIP and

The Touchpoints of Durability

When a dock is down due to broken or malfunctioning equipment, all productivity grinds to a halt. Each hour lost to downtime wastes money for all the companies involved, from the equipment distributor to the warehouse. Your customers should not suffer the consequences of broken, sub-par equipment. To be dynamic and serve your customer, you need quality equipment that works. Minimize Downtime To minimize downtime and create an efficient loading

A Shelter Fit for Pigs: How Flatley Docks Created a Safer Space for Pork Producers

The 10th largest pork producer in the United States came to Flatley Dock Systems to solve their unique challenge. With seven operations, maintaining the health and wellbeing of thousands of pigs is integral to the success of pork production. Furthermore, the pig’s safety during transit is of concern. Flatley Dock factors into the equation Each day, trucks and trailers transport thousands of pigs across the US. At the client’s loading

Dock the Halls: How Exceptional Tools Prepare Warehouse Docks for High-Volume Holidays

Consumers crave convenient shopping and faster shipping during the holiday season, which puts added pressure on warehouse docks across the country. Pre-Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday sales, and regular Christmas shopping continue to rise both online and in-person. In 2021, 88 million buyers shopped on Black Friday, with both in-store and online traffic increasing by 19% (source). With the push for accelerated e-commerce deliveries and faster supply chains, on the