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Vehicle Restraints

From manual to automatic, NORDOCK® offers a full line-up of premium impact and non-impact vehicle restraints designed to deliver superior performance and a safe loading environment.

Easy to install and simple to operate, NORDOCK® vehicle restraints provide years of durable, trouble-free operation no matter the conditions.

Rotating Hook Impact Style

Engages when impacted by the rear impact guard, these restraints eliminate early departure and trailer creep.


The Model AR-10K is a premium automatic vehicle restraint designed to secure trucks at the loading dock by using a large rotating hook.

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The Model AR-20K offers the most enhanced loading dock safety & performance in the industry, securing all trailers with rear impact guard obstructions.

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Non-Impact Style

Vertically operated, these manual & automatic restraints secure virtually all trailers at the loading dock with over 32,000 lbs. of restraining force & 100,000 lbs. of mounting force.


MTL Models are manually operated restraint offering security at the loading dock.

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ATL Models are automatic units that activate and stores the spring-loaded HYDRA-FLOAT™ barrier via push button control.

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(MODEL PH-3000)

The Model PH-3000 is recessed into the dock offering unobstructed and trouble free vehicle engagements.

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Wheel Restraints

Safely engage one or more wheels of a transportation vehicle, restraining uncontrolled movement of the vehicle.

(MODEL DC-300)

The Model DC-300 prevents movement and provides synchronized interlock capable communication to both truck driver and dock personnel.

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(MODEL PC-6000)

The Model PC-6000 is a premium automatic restraint designed to secure a trailer at the loading dock by engaging the wheel with a large steel chock.

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(MODEL SL-7000)

The Model SL-7000 is an automatic surface mounted hydraulic powered restraint that seeks out and restrains trailer wheels.

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