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How Nordock Products Improve the Employee Experience

It is widely known that forklifts are some of the most dangerous pieces of warehouse equipment. The dangers extend beyond the forklift crashing into inventory or into people.

For forklift operators, the repeated drive over the typical dock leveler “crown” results in a whole body vibration, which can cause chronic back pain and other injury. Personnel injuries lead to injury claims and employee absence. 

Model SHF HYDRAULIC FLEX LIP and ADF FLEX-LIP dock levelers are designed with employee comfort in mind. The smooth, crownless transition reduces stress on the body. 

If repeated use is detrimental to the human body, what is it doing to other equipment? 

Here are some ways the models SHF HYDRAULIC FLEX LIP or ADF FLEX-LIP dock levelers protect surrounding equipment:

  • The PULL-ACTION™ lift system does not push on the underside of the deck or pit floor.
  • Reduced risk of grounding low-clearance pallet trucks and forklifts.
  • Minimized excessive forklift tire wear in below-dock loading operations.
  • Reduced risk of damaging fragile goods that are transported over the leveler. 

At the Push of a Button

Operating cumbersome mechanical equipment such as a mechanical dock leveler is taxing on workers’ bodies and zaps efficiency. 

Push-button-activated equipment, such as push-button dock levelers and vehicle restraints, simplifies tasks and increases efficiency. Plus, push-button activation is more ergonomic than mechanical activation, which improves employee experience and minimizes the risk of injury.

Communication is Key

The root of many workplace frustrations is failed communication, but failed communication can also lead to an unsafe work environment. “Most accidents at the dock are caused by a lack of communication between the dock attendant and the truck driver,” says Training Manager and industry veteran Russell Smith. 

Ensuring a functional and simple system of communication for your warehouse team and truck drivers will ensure their safety and provide the safe environment they need to excel. 

Nordock’s DOK-CO​​M™ communication system offers a simple solution that works. The Dok-Com uses high-visibility LED lights to create straightforward communication between the truck driver and the dock attendant. Signage is large and easy-to-read, both straight-on and through a mirror. 

A communications system sets your team up for success, which will boost your bottom line and improve the employee experience. 

Learn more about the SHF HYDRAULIC FLEX LIP, ADF FLEX-LIP and DOK-CO​​M™ communication system. Contact us to get started!


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