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Staying Dry and Keeping Safe: How Reducing Water Entry Improves Warehouse Efficiency

Water — it’s important for life on the planet, but it can be a pain for any warehouse to deal with. Warehouses that exist in predominantly rainy weather or with seasonal showers can understand the headaches of leaks, squeegeeing floors, and avoiding slips around docking areas thanks to the rain. Rain can cause all sorts of problems, especially when it comes to docks that have trailers with multiple truck heights. Here are a few ways rain seals can keep docks and warehouses safer overall.

Rain seals keep teams safe.
According to the US Department of Labor, slip and fall accidents are responsible for 25 percent of all injury claims on the job. With each injury claim averaging $41,000, those slips can be costly for companies. Team safety not only keeps costs down but protecting workers lends itself to an overall healthier and more efficient environment. Rain Stop seals assist in keeping water out and reduce the chances of slips in high-traffic areas like docks.

Proper warehouse seals keep moisture levels in check.
Moisture can wreak havoc on any product, but it’s especially damaging to sensitive products that need to stay dry or temperature controlled. Moisture can also encourage mold and fungus growth around the warehouse. The right seals keep the product safe inside, no matter the conditions on the outside.

Seals hold in cooler air.
Energy costs can play a huge part in a warehouse’s overall expenditures. Proper seals help hold in air conditioning, keeping it from slipping out. This reduces the overall strain on energy, even lowering energy expenditures.

Pests can’t slip through quality seals.
Rain isn’t the only factor that can cause headaches from the outside. While most mammals run for cover during rain, moist environments and standing water can attract insects to a warehouse. Birds can also slip through cracks in docking areas that lack proper seals. Effective seals can keep pests outside, away from warehouse teams and products.

Our Rain Stop Trailer Top Seal delivers on both safety and efficiency, keeping the rain out of a warehouse’s most highly-trafficked area. The dock seal includes high visibility guides and heavy-duty fabric, a great combination to seal any warehouse away from the elements. Give the Nordock team a call at our toll-free line to learn more about how Rain Stop seals can help warehouses: 1-866-885-4276.


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