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The Touchpoints of Durability

When a dock is down due to broken or malfunctioning equipment, all productivity grinds to a halt. Each hour lost to downtime wastes money for all the companies involved, from the equipment distributor to the warehouse. Your customers should not suffer the consequences of broken, sub-par equipment. To be dynamic and serve your customer, you need quality equipment that works.  

Minimize Downtime

To minimize downtime and create an efficient loading process, it is essential to use only the highest-quality dock levelers.

What makes Nordock’s dock levelers the most reliable on the market? 

  • A 33% deck-to-beam weld means that 33% of each seam is welded––a much higher ratio than you will find on most competition levelers. These sturdier seams remain aligned over the life of the leveler and the welds are much less likely to break.
  • Self-cleaning tube style lip hinge: We offer both piano-style and self-cleaning tube style lip hinges. All of our dock levelers that are not contractor grade feature the much stronger and improved self-cleaning tube style hinge. 
  • Warranty: Most of our non-contractor levelers feature a very robust 10 year structural warranty and 5 year lifting system warranty. We also have a 20-year warranty on models with continuous rear hinge and front hinge. This shows that we have faith in our quality and rarely see warranty claims. 

Safety Matters

Keeping people safe on the worksite is crucial. Your customers need to know that your equipment is safe for their employees. OSHA reported that work-related injuries cost employers $1 billion per week in 2018. Assuring the safety of everyone who handles your equipment is an investment in customer retention. 

Nordock’s impact and non-impact vehicle restraints create the safest possible loading environment to protect people and nearby equipment. 

What makes Nordock’s vehicle restraints the safest on the market?

  • Impact-style AR Series vehicle restraints feature a direct drive motor and fewer parts to be serviced. This means a high-quality product that requires a lower cost to maintain over time. 
  • Impact-style AR Series vehicle restraints feature an extra-strong impact guard to reduce damage to the equipment when impacted by the rear impact guard of the truck. 

Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Many buyers will purchase based on the lowest initial price. But low-quality equipment results in more frequent and costly repairs. Over time these additional costs––plus the cost of lost efficiency––outweigh the lower initial price. 

“The better way to consider price is by the lifetime cost of ownership. A high-quality product will be less expensive to maintain over time,” says Shannon McWilliams, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “That also includes efficiency. A less expensive model will likely end up costing you more in downtime, and even in how long it takes to load and unload.”

To further improve your product’s durability and minimize repair costs, always set up a maintenance plan. Even the most durable products need proper maintenance to ensure a long life and help prevent unexpected downtime.  

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