Model FLM

Forklift Max™ Speed-Lift

25000 LB Capacity Lift with a 7'x18' Platform

Designed to handle large loads and be operated by a seated operator of a large forklift. This heavy duty, free-standing, self-contained, surface-mounted, and moveable loading dock lift requires only a solid surface and power. It’s a safe and robust piece of equipment … an asset – not a construction expense. It can be used as your dock, up to a dock, or behind a dock wall. It can handle truck impacts and requires no pit or protection. It can move up to 25,000 LB between standard dock-height (40”-55”) to ground … fast (29FPM). It’s also low profile (4”) and very safe with Automatic Folding Ramps (AFR), a 3-sided steel frame, and a full-load rating across the entire platform (no end-load or side-load reduction).