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3 Answers to Sales Questions

With over 30 years in the industry, Nordock provides dealers with dock solutions to keep their customer’s businesses moving. Over the years, we have been asked plenty of questions about what sets our solutions apart from the competition. Here are three of the essential questions (and their answers) any dealer should know about Nordock’s exceptional products.

Why should I go with Nordock’s loading dock solutions over other brands?

Nordock constantly works to ensure that our products outperform the competition. Improving loading docks is the leading passion of Nordock. We understand that dock sites are high-traffic areas that manage a variety of products, machinery, and staff. Our products assist warehouses of all sizes to improve margins and increase efficiency by providing them with the most innovative and highest quality loading dock equipment on the market. Furthermore, our breadth of products allows warehouses to select the products that best fit their needs and budget.

What are the guarantees surrounding dock solutions?

Nordock offers warranties superior to the competition. We are proud to ensure that the end users get the best quality equipment and products possible. All our products are made with the highest safety standards in mind, and our product developers prioritize the safety of those using the products day in and day out. We also understand that non-functioning docks can cause a loss of production to the warehouse and even reduce profit margins. With those customer needs in mind, Nordock continues to fine-tune products, solve industry challenges, and lead material handling innovations. Our warranty differs based on the individual product and can be found throughout our website.

Will products integrate well with existing equipment in the warehouse?

Due to our extensive history of testing, iterating, and staying on top of market needs, Nordock’s solutions can easily integrate into existing loading dock systems. We keep our development in-house, ensuring that the pieces work seamlessly with each other.
One example of this functionality is our Logi Smart Control system. These systems offer integration with Nordock Master panels and are available to provide safe operating environments. Our Dock Leveler, doors, TRUCK-LOCK, air seals and communications lights can be integrated together to improve efficiency and maintain workplace safety.

Do you have additional questions? Let’s talk about how Nordock’s solutions can transform your warehouse dock areas. Give us a call at 800-433-2212 or fill out our contact sheet.


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