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How You Can Invest in Warehouse Safety thanks to FALL-STOP Barrier Gates

Loading docks can be some of the biggest hot spots for warehouse injury each year. Roughly 7% of forklift accidents reported are from forklifts falling off loading docks, and 70% of all reported accidents could have been avoided with proper safety precautions.

What are FALL-STOP Safety Barrier Gates
Safety barrier gates improve dock safety by stopping falls from docks. When it comes to loading docks, too many moving pieces can lead to a problematic risk of injury.Edge of dock accidents can lead to personnel injury as well as loss of materials or building damage. Safety barrier gates like Nordock’s FALL-STOP prevents dangerous roll-offs while also protecting forklift drivers and their cargo.Similar to other safety solutions, they’re often highly visible thanks to their bright yellow colors and black-and-yellow safety striping.

How FALL-STOP Safety Barrier Gates Improve Safety
The lowered gate prevents forklift trucks from passing through an opening where a drop might occur. If a forklift driver isn’t paying attention, the safety barrier gate is strong enough to grab their attention while keeping them safe.

The FALL-STOP Safety Barrier Gate also protects the warehouse area around the dock doors by preventing damage to overhead door tracks and panels. The bumpers keep the gate, forklift and building from getting most of the impact. Protected facilities often mean safer working conditions for employees.

Specs and Details of FALL-STOP Safety Barrier Gates
The crossbar of the barrier is 30 inches above floor level, preventing a forklift from driving off the dock. Energy absorbing bumpers help protect the door, truck and the warehouse building from any impact. In fact, the lowered barrier is designed to withstand 10,000 pounds of impact force moving at 4 mph. Forklift drivers can raise or lower the gate, and some integrated loading dock equipment control systems can detect unsafe conditions and remove power to controls or sound an alarm to prevent injury. FALL-STOP Safety Barrier Gates are built to last, and they can be integrated with existing equipment to provide optimum safety.

At Nordock, our team is dedicated to optimizing dock safety solutions that last. From safety gates to lifts, we offer the tools companies need to protect their employees while maintaining excellent service to customers. If you’re one of our customers currently using the FALL-STOP Safety Barrier Gate, leave us a review! If you’re interested in how Nordock’s solutions can make a difference in your warehouse, give us a call at 1-866-885-4276.


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