Custom Lifts

Exceptional lifting solutions for exceptional situations
Air/Hydraulic Lift Container Handling Lift Custom Bin Dumper Steel Coil Upender High Cycle Stacker Carousel Picking Lift Power Roller Conveyer MULTI-STAGE SCISSOR LIFT COMBINE LOADER TANDEM LIFT TRIPLE SCISSOR LIFT


Whether you need to lift, tilt, or rotate 1,000 to 100,000 lbs., trust the experts at NORDOCK® to find the right solution.
NORDOCK® understands that every project can present a unique challenge, often requiring a unique approach.
Our team of engineers have decades of experience designing custom material handling equipment built to endure the harshest environments and duty cycles, no matter the application.


  • Custom Deck Sizes
  • Large Load Capacities
  • High Travel Ranges
  • Superior Strength and Performance
  • Smooth, Steady Operation

  • Multiple Combinations and Configurations

 Air/Hydraulic Lift

Air over hydraulic powered custom lift with 16,000 lb. capacity.

Container Handling Lift

15,000 lb. container handling lift with caster deck, load cell sand digital weigh scale.

Custom Bin Dumper

Custom bin dumper and hopper with manual chute control powered roller conveyor 10,000 lb. capacity lift with reversing roller conveyor. 

High Cycle Stacker 

Custom 50,000 lb. capacity high cycle stacker lift with over 10' of vertical travel. Features include a central lubrication system, specialized controls and stress relieving spherical bearings.

 Power Roller Conveyor 

10,000 lb. capacity lift with bi-directional powered roller conveyor and electric perimeter stops.

Carousel Order Picking Lift

Multi-Stage Scissor Lift

The MULTI-STAGE™ scissor lift provides a large platform with optional multiple telescoping ramps. 

Combine Loader  

40,000 lb. capacity heavy-duty lift featuring a split tilt deck positions trailers for combine tractor loading. 

Tandem Lift 

Versatile personnel Tandem lifts are ideal for such applications such as picking and retrieving parts from a horizontal carousel system or interior plant maintenance. 

Triple Scissor Lift 

Custom-built 3,500 lb. capacity Triple Scissor Lift has a total raised height of 108". 

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